1. Alabama- they are the #1 team in the nation without a doubt
  2. Clemson- to me this team is basically in a battle with Florida State for the ACC which is why they are both Top 5 teams to start the 2016 season
  3. Oklahoma- this team has what it takes to have a repeat year and make the playoff if they can survive a tougher Big 12
  4. Florida State- in the same boat as Clemson
  5. LSU- this team looks good, but has a lot to prove in a tough SEC with a lot of threats
  6. Ohio State- having JT Barrett back at helm this year helps, but this team lost some key defensive components which raises some flags for this Top 10 team
  7. Michigan- this team realistically has the best defense in the nation, but the question is who is going to lead the Wolverines to victory and to the Big Ten title which seems to be right around the corner for them
  8. Stanford- This team looks super solid and seems to have an easy route to the PAC 12 championship
  9. Tennessee- I believe this team has the opportunity to shock the College Football world and the SEC
  10. Notre Dame- has spots to fill, but overall same team as last year in my eyes
  11. Ole Miss- this is just another good looking team who can make some noise in the SEC
  12. Michigan State- this team sits behind OSU and Michigan in the Big Ten by a long shot, but once again is ready to strike
  13. TCU- lost offensive components, but the defense got better which will allow this team to compete in the Big 12
  14. Washington- to me this is the first team I view as overrated, but I do not count them out in a rather easy PAC 12
  15. Houston- to me this is the best looking team overall, but can they compete with the big boys and not choke under pressure
  16. UCLA- solid team overall, but Josh Rosen is going to be the key to their success
  17. Iowa- the question is do they have what it takes to repeat, simple as that
  18. Georgia- another solid team in a tough SEC with a chance to thrive
  19. Louisville- this team is far behind Clemson and FSU, but is very solid overall
  20. USC- I am not seeing what everyone else seems to be seeing in this team, but time will tell
  21. Oklahoma State- this team is my dark horse in the tough Big 12, they have to get passed Oklahoma rivalry weekend to be able to sit pretty in the Big 12
  22. North Carolina- this team is set up to have a repeat season if not a better season than last year
  23. Baylor- this team is underrated to me, Seth Russell will lead this team back to where they could have been last year
  24. Oregon- sitting behind teams in the PAC 12 which gives an opportunity to prove they belong in the Top 25
  25. Florida- will the offense be enough this year or will Florida fall off even more