This conference is led by two power houses, Clemson and Florida State. To me no one is close behind them, but the coastal division is up for grabs. North Carolina is the favorite in my eyes, their offense is very powerful again this year. The contenders to me are Miami, Pitt, Duke, and Vtech. So really this division has some depth to it. Miami led by Brad Kaaya will make a lot of noise, but Pitt is getting a lot of hype as a dark horse. Vtech and Duke have work to do. I believe without a doubt in my mind that the winner of Clemson vs Florida State takes the ACC title. BCU and Wake Forest basically play to decide the worst team. Then there are the average teams such as Louisville, Syarcuse, NC State, Gtech andf Virginia.

My confrerence title game contains Florida State and North Carolina, but Clemson may still have a shot at the playoff with 1 loss