This is the conference that everyone believes is the most likely to get snubbed from the College Football Playoff. I said this last year after the National Championship and I am saying it again now the winner of the Michigan vs Ohio State game will win the Big Ten either undefeated or as a 1 loss team. Who are the others that can contend you may ask. Michigan State once again is there to steal the spotlight along with James Franklin and Penn State which is a team I have high hopes for. That is my projections for the East, the others in the East have a long way to go. The West though once again is up for grabs. Iowa being the front runner has an easy schedule and has the best shot for a repeat season. Nebraska and Wisconsin are in the drivers seat though with tougher schedules. After these three teams, Illinois is the only team that I think has a chance, but obviously it it will be tough. Lovie Smith will definitely help though.

My Conference title game contains Michigan and Nebraska with Wisconsin getting snubbed for a chance at the title