New AP Top 25 Breakdown 

  1.  Alabama- We know why they are number 1, they are the team to beat and are even better now that we know Jalen Hurts is for real
  2. Clemson- Looked sloppy, but they still beat an SEC power and stayed at 2
  3. FSU- Huge comeback against Ole Miss puts them at 3, also Francois is for real which helps
  4. Ohio State- Put up 77 points on a good MAC team to move them up to 4
  5. Michigan- Defense was phenomenal vs Hawaii, Offense looked good, but QB play needs to be proven. This team is a Top 5 team for sure though
  6. Houston- This team dominated the BIG 12 champs from last year, they deserve to be #6 and deserve all the hype that they have been getting
  7. Stanford- Looked good, but not great vs Kansas State which was enough to move up 1 spot in the rankings
  8. Washington- This team showed they were for real vs Rutgers which made them jump into the Top 10
  9. Georgia- Beat North Carolina in a shootout, Chubb was fantastic, which made them the team that was previously ranked jump the most spots
  10. Wisconsin- Upset LSU, but to be honest they are not Top 10 team
  11. Texas- Upset ND, same as Wisconsin, but I don’t think this team should even be Top 15
  12. Michigan State- Struggled with an average FCS team which raised some flags, but they remained at 12
  13. Oklahoma- Got beat by a better team in Houston, dropped to 13
  14. Louisville- This team looked for real vs Charlotte so they moved up in the Rankings
  15. TCU- Offense was strong, but the defense couldn’t hold the Jack Rabbits of South Dakota State which made them drop two spots
  16. Iowa- Looked average vs Miami (OH), nothing good or bad, but moved up 1 spot
  17. Tennessee- Fell 8 spots because of the scare App State gave them
  18. Notre Dame- Upset by Texas so they dropped, coaching blew the game for them in my opinion
  19. Ole Miss- Put up a good fight, but blew it vs FSU and dropped 8 spots
  20. Texas A/M- New to the rankings because they upset UCLA in OT in a great game
  21. LSU- Upset by Wisconsin and dropped, still have potential
  22. Oklahoma State- Beat an FCS team, so moved down one spot
  23. Baylor- Beat an FCS team, so no movement
  24. Oregon- Beat an FCS team, so no movement
  25. Miami FL- New to rankings, they were just next in line with votes

Other Takeaways

-Several non ranked teams were upset Saturday- Northwestern, Mississippi State, Virginia, Kentucky and Washington State

– Several teams were almost upset- Arkansas, Penn State, Florida, and Nebraska

– Teams that dropped out of the Rankings- UCLA, UNC, USC and Florida

– Both Friday and Saturday proved that The American Conference is weak outside of #6 Houston

-Colorado looked great in tempo offense vs Colorado State

-Pitts RB James Connor scored 2 TDs in return after battling cancer

-West Virginia looked good all around especially on D

-Boise State looked fantastic led by Brett Rypien who could sneak into Heisman talks in my eyes. Boise could be ranked in a week or two especially if they beat Washington State next week

-BYU beat Arizona off a game winning field goal in a very even match up to end a great Saturday of Football