Top 25

  1. Alabama- It is obvious.
  2. FSU- beat Charleston Southern and moved up 1 spot.
  3. Ohio State- Dominated a good Tulsa team and moved up 1 spot.
  4. Michigan- Dominated UCF on both sides of ball and moved up 1 spot.
  5. Clemson- Struggled with Troy and dropped 3 spots.
  6. Houston- Beat Lamar with no Greg Ward Jr and stayed put.
  7. Stanford- No game, so stayed put.
  8. Washington- Beat Idaho and stayed put.
  9. Wisconsin- Dominated Akron and moved up 1 spot.
  10. Louisville- This team is looking scary because of Lamar Jackson who dominated Syracuse in an ACC match up.
  11. Texas- Beat UTEP and stayed put.
  12. MSU- No game, so stayed put.
  13. Iowa- Dominated Iowa State and looked great, so moved up 3 spots.
  14. Oklahoma- Beat UL Monroe and stayed put.
  15. Tennessee- Bounced back vs Vtech in Bristol Motor Speedway and moved up 2 spots.
  16. Georgia- Struggled with Nicholls which was raised flags just like Tennessee last week, so they dropped 7 spots.
  17. Texas A/M- Dominated PV A/M and moved up 3 spots.
  18. Notre Dame- Beat Nevada and stayed put.
  19. Ole Miss- Beat Wofford and stayed put.
  20. LSU- Still trending down with Brandon Harris looking bad, but moved up 1 spot with a win vs Jax State.
  21. Baylor- Dominated SMU with great offense and moved up 2 spots.
  22. Oregon- Beat Virginia and looked very good, so they moved up 2 spots.
  23. Florida- Dominated Kentucky, so they deserved to be back in.
  24. Arkansas- Upset TCU in OT which earned them a spot in the Top 25.
  25. Miami- Beat FAU and stayed put.

Other Takeaways

  • Teams who dropped out of Top 25- TCU and Oklahoma State.
  • Pitt beat Penn State in an offensive battle, both teams looked good.
  • Cincy did what they were supposed to vs Purdue to get ready #6 Houston on  Thursday.
  • Wake > Duke.
  • USF from the AAC looked great vs Northern Illinois.
  • Utah barely beat BYU in a super competitive game.
  • North Carolina ended all the Illinois being good talk with a big victory over the Illini.
  • UCLA beat UNLV and looked to be back on track.
  • Arizona State scores 68 points vs Texas Tech. RB Kalen Ballage had 8 TDs and Arizona State won 68-55.
  • Boise State squeaked one out vs Washington State to remain undefeated.
  • SDSU barely beat Cal 45-40 to remain undefeated.