*This week is better than week 1

#2 FSU vs #10 Louisville- FSU gets another test after their test Week 1 when they played Ole Miss. With this game we finally get to see how real Louisville actually is and we get to see how special this Lamar Jackson kid actually is. I believe FSU wins another close one.

#13 Iowa vs North Dakota State- Can North Dakota State pull off another upset? I do not see it because I think Iowa is too strong.

#1 Alabma vs #19 Ole Miss- Ole Miss has a chance once again to beat Alabama and if they do it will be the third time in a row. I think Alabama finds a way in this game to finally beat the Rebels.

#22 Oregon vs Nebraska- This game itself will tell us Nebraska’s fate in the Big Ten and will tell us if they can compete with Iowa for the Big Ten West. I think Nebraska will win this game and upset Oregon.

Pitt vs Oklahoma State- Pitt is coming off a huge win vs Penn State and we all know what Oklahoma State is coming off of so this game is huge for both teams. I think Oklahoma State wins in a close game.

USF vs Cuse- I think USF will stay on track vs Cuse and get a win.

WMU vs Illinois- Western Michigan is very good this year and is the favorite to win the MAC. I think they upset Illinois as well.

#20 LSU vs Miss State- LSU is starting a new QB this week so we will just have to see how he does. I think LSU wins either way.

#17 Texas A/M vs Auburn- This game is actually pretty intriguing some people can see an Auburn upset, but I think  Texas A/M is too good.

#12 MSU vs #18 ND- MSU struggled vs Furman which raised some flags. I think Notre Dame will roll the Spartans in this game if they play like they did vs Furman.

#3 Ohio State vs #14 Oklahoma- This is a College Football Playoff elimination for Oklahoma and I believe they beat the Buckeyes. Oklahoma is not overrated in my eyes they just lost to a very good Houston team Week 1.

#7 Stanford vs USC- Stanford is receiving their first real test and I think they will handle it well and beat USC bad.

UCLA vs BYU- If UCLA loses this game they are in trouble, so I do not think they lose this game.

#11 Texas vs Cal- Texas is seen as the head honcho in the Big 12 and I do not see it yet. I think Cal upsets them in this game.