For my Top 25 Breakdown I will not be going team by team anymore because it is to much information that is obvious. I will just be doing Takeaways from the new poll which will be posted in the NCAA Football Home Page.

Top 25 Takeaways

  • Do not get me wrong, I love everything about this #3 Louisville team, but in terms of the rest of the season I still think the  defending ACC champs #5 Clemson should be ranked higher until will know for sure that Louisville is the best in the ACC.
  • I believe Washington and Texas A/m should ranked 8 and 9 and MSU should follow at 10, Washington and Texas A/m have no flaws so far this year.
  • Right now to me Texas, Oklahoma and Ole Miss should not be ranked until they re earn their spot.
  •  #22 San Diego State being ranked is a shot at Boise State, I believe both these Mountain West teams should be ranked
  • Team who struggled- #11 Wisconsin vs Georgia State, # 18 LSU vs Mississippi State, and #14 Tennessee vs Ohio.
  • Other than those everything else is normal and perfect to me.

Other Takeaways

  • Penn State earns a big win vs Temple
  • The Bison is the best animal in the world right now for a reason North Dakota State is out to kill.
  • Central Michigan and Western Michigan are still on fire in the MAC.
  • Colorado played great vs #4 Michigan, but their QB is injured if he gets healthy this team is a sleeper in the PAC 12.
  • Oklahoma State > Pitt in a great and crucial game.
  • Auburn was decent vs a good Texas A/m team. They have a lot of potential.
  • Troy > Southern Miss, yes it matters in the long run.
  • Notre Dame and USC are really bad with tough schedules ahead.
  • UCLA is still looking good by beating BYU in a close one.