Ap Top 25 Takeaways

  • I believe #6 Houston is a top 5 team over #5 Washington even with their win vs Stanford.
  • #13 Baylor really struggled vs Iowa State they were the favorite in the Big 12, but who knows with that conference.
  • #15 Stanford should have fell a bit more to me.
  • #23 FSU and #24 Utah should have dropped out.
  • Colorado is legit like I have said in my last two takeaway posts and they are now ranked #21.
  • Everything else seems to be where I expected.

Other Takeaways

  • Northwestern defeated Iowa and are having a good season.
  • Notre Dame finally gets a win against Syracuse.
  • Cal now has two upsets on the season beating Texas and now Utah.
  • Penn State beats a rising Minnesota team in OT.
  • Maryland is looking surprisingly good they dominated Purdue.
  • USF dominates Cincinnati.
  • San Diego State is upset by South Alabama, making the Mountain West less intriguing.
  • Indiana upsets Michigan State to take the old brass spittoon.
  • UCLA beats Arizona.
  • Oregon loses again.
  • USC gets a much needed win vs ASU.