In these posts I will be ranking the teams who realistically have the best chance to make it into the four team playoff. Also I will make my prediction.

  1. Alabama- This team has some big tests left on the schedule such as Tennessee and Texas A/M which are the only two teams in the SEC that I can see beating the Tide. All Bama has to do is survive and win the SEC with even 1 loss.
  2. Clemson- After beating Louisville this team may have the easiest road to the playoff seeing as they only have to play Florida State and Pitt who can actually provide a challenge.
  3. Ohio State- Coming up this team has a test vs Wisconsin, after that it will come down to their match up with Michigan to see who will be playing in the Big Ten championship.
  4. Michigan- The way the Big Ten is looking Michigan just has to survive and not slip up vs the easy Big Ten competition that they have left meaning basically it all comes down to November 26th in Ohio.
  5. Washington- It is simple for them just win the PAC 12 undefeated or even with 1 good loss and they will be considered after their huge win vs Stanford.
  6. Houston- For this team you have to survive and win the AAC and beat Louisville which will be tough.
  7. Texas A/M- Beat Bama do not slip up.
  8. Tennessee- Beat Bama do not slip up.
  9. Miami- Win the ACC Coastal and win entire ACC.
  10. Baylor- Win out including the Big 12 championship which seems impossible with how even the Big 12 seems.
  11. Louisville- Win out including ACC Championship which is only possible if Clemson loses twice.
  12. Ole Miss- Win out, get lucky and become the first 2 loss team to make it, but it is highly unlikely.
  13. Boise State- Remain undefeated and win the easier Mountain West now that SDSU lost.
  14. Nebraska- Win the Big Ten undefeated may be the only way.
  15. West Virginia- Win Big 12 undefeated which is likely impossible.
  16. Western Michigan- Throwing them in for fun, what if they go undefeated and win the MAC? We shall see.

Prediction if Alabama is in

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson
  3. Michigan
  4. Houston

Prediction if Alabama loses 

  1. Clemson
  2. Michigan
  3. Houston
  4. Tennessee/Texas AM

* Texas AM plays Tennessee in College Station this week*