AP Top 25 Takeaways 

  • I think AP hit the top 10 right on the button because the top 10 so far has separated itself from the other teams other than maybe #10 Nebraska who has not been totally proven yet.
  • Teams like Baylor, Miami, Virginia Tech, Florida West Virginia and Utah do not seem like they can compete with teams in the top 10. However we saw what Houston, Ole Miss, Florida State and even Auburn are capable of, but they all have 2 losses other than Houston.
  • Also Boise State and Western Michigan are in the drivers seat to finish undefeated.

Other Takeaways

  • Memphis is looking strong in the AAC after they beat Temple.
  • Penn State beats undefeated Maryland.
  • Pitt sneaks away with yet another victory vs Gtech.
  • In the Hurricane Bowl, NC State beat Notre Dame in a crazy game.
  • TCU almost gives Kansas their first win vs an FBS school since 2014
  • BYU takes out a terrible MSU team.
  • USC ends Colorado’s run.