Top 25

  • #6 Ohio State loses to Penn State and gives us a new Top 4 who seem to be in a bubble by themselves (more info in my playoff picture post).
  • #7 Nebraska survives in a game with Purdue that should not have been close.
  • Houstons glory days are over with their 2nd loss at the hands of the SMU Mustangs.
  • #10 West Virginia could be the new favorite in the Big 12 all their wins have been convincing and now they just dominated a mediocre TCU team, but they have some tests coming up.
  • #13 Boise State survives against a very good BYU team
  • #15 Auburn shows us that they somehow are gaining momentum while Arkansas is losing momentum. Auburn has two very very good losses Texas AM and Clemson.
  • #17 Utah survives a good test in UCLA.
  • Is #19 LSU back? This team looks very different than earlier in the year as they beat Ole Miss.
  • #20 Western Michigan continues to dominate, but can they beat the very good Toledo Rockets in their last game of the season.
  • #24 Penn State jumps all the way to receiving no votes to being ranked after beating OSU.

Other Takeaways

  • USFs win streak comes to an end vs Temple.
  • VTech dominates Miami, but both teams are out of playoff talks obviously.
  • Northwestern is on fire as they dominant Indiana.
  • Colorado beats Stanford by a score of 10-5 somehow, the Buffs are hanging around in the PAC 12
  • Maryland hands MSU its 5th straight loss, MSU most likely is going to be done after 12 games missing a bowl game this year which should be unacceptable for this program who has come so far.
  • Texas Techs QB sets the record for most total yards in a game in FBS history, but his 819 total yards were still not enough to beat Oklahoma.

Playoff Picture

To me I believe the Top 4 teams are in their own bubble, I would pick these four teams to beat anyone else in the FBS. The only team that is remotely close is Louisville because of the way they played in a loss to Clemson. However, this could be the year we see a 2 loss team get in if #7undefeated teams lose.

  1. Alabama- I think it is safe to say that we will see Alabama in the playoff, they took out the two top contenders to them in the SEC in Texas A/M and Tennessee by a good margin.
  2. Michigan- This team just needs to survive until Ohio State and win and then win a Big Ten title.
  3. Clemson- The Tigers play FSU this week, with a loss they could be in trouble, but they may be able to afford 1 loss if teams in the top 4 keep losing.
  4. Washington- This team just needs to continue playing the way they are and they will most likely still get in with a good loss, if they even lose.
  5. Louisville- Louisville is in a hole to me they have to win out and some how get a spot in the ACC Championship and win to make the playoff.
  6. Ohio State- Beat Michigan and Nebraska, do not slip up again, and win the Big Ten.
  7. Nebraska- Win out including the Big Ten will be the only way to me.
  8. Baylor- Basically have to win out, but they can maybe afford a loss to Oklahoma or West Virginia.
  9. West Virginia- basically have to win out, but they can maybe afford a loss to Oklahoma or Baylor.
  10. Texas AM- Win SEC some how.
  11. Florida- Win SEC some how.
  12. Boise State- Win out including the Mountain West title.