Top 25

  • Top 4 remains the same
  • #5 and #6, Louisville and Ohio State survive potential upsets
  • #8 Wisconsin ranked only one spot higher than #9 Nebraska who they beat this week
  • #10 Florida cracks the top ten
  • #12,13 and 14 are filled by Big 12 teams led by 2 loss Oklahoma followed by 1 loss Baylor and West Virginia
  • LSU is all the way up to #15
  • #16 Utah moved up a spot after a LOSS to Washington
  • Western Michigan is a Top 20 team at #17
  • #22 Oklahoma State is ranked again and #25 Washington State is ranked for the first time this year

Other Takeaways 

  • Tennessee falls out of the rankings after a loss to South Carolina
  • Wyoming beats Boise State for the first time ever in an upset of the undefeated Broncos
  • Oregon looked like Oregon again and put up 54 in a win over ASU
  • Northwestern and Virginia fall short attempting to upset Top Ten teams, OSU for NW and Louisville for Virginia
  • Houston wins on a huge comeback
  • USF upsets Navy
  • Pitt falls short in an upset run at Virginia Tech

Playoff Picture

Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington seem like they are more than likely going to get playoff berths even with a good loss as long as they win their conference championships. So what happens if these teams fall out of the top 4?

#5 Louisville only gets in if Clemson loses at some point. However, I do not know what the case would be if Clemson loses in the ACC Championship. Does Louisville move up if that happens? I say no just because Clemson beat Louisiville, but that could open the door for

#6 Ohio State who can surpass both Clemson and Louisiville if they beat Nebraska and Michigan. Michigan may still be in if they keep it close in a loss to Ohio State or just win which looks like the case the way Michigan is playing.

#7 Texas A/M most likely cannot get in unless Alabama loses twice.

#8 Wisconsin gets in by winning the Big Ten and winning out to me even with 2 losses.

#9 Nebraska is in the same boat as Wisconsin, but need a Wisconsin loss in the Big Ten.

#10 Florida gets in by winning the SEC and winning out.

Outside of these 10 teams it will be a long shot for any other teams to get in. The Big 12 most likely will get blanked for a playoff spot. Auburn being the only other two loss team close to getting in can beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl and get a spot in the SEC championship win that and be in the conversation. After Auburn I see no other teams that are candidates to get in. Perhaps Florida gets in with an SEC championship and one more good loss making them a two loss team. Only way Auburn or Florida get in is if the doors open up from losses.