Top 25

  • #2 and #3 Michigan and Clemson both won in blow out fashion and are in a very tight battle for #2 both in AP and Playoff talks
  • #4 Washington looked good vs Cal and should be in the playoff top 4 like they should have been last week
  • #6 OSU blew out Nebraska, but Nebraska lost their star QB early in the game right when Nebraska had momentum
  • #8 Auburn barely survived vs Vandy
  • #10 Texas A/M to me should not be top ten
  • #12 Penn State wins big vs Iowa and are continuing to gain strength
  • #14 Western Michigan could become the highest rank MAC school in history if they keep climbing
  • #19 and #20 LSU and FSU are both ranked with 3 losses
  • #22 Florida does not deserve to be ranked in my eyes they do not have one good win and two losses

Other Takeaways

  • Miami beats Pitt for a much needed win after struggling for weeks
  • Navy beats ND in a battle
  • MSU loses again and are now 2-7 and cannot make a bowl game which is unbelievable
  • TCU blows out Baylor in a very high scoring affair
  • Minnesota beats Purdue and is sitting quietly on top of the Big Ten West awaiting a big game with Wisconsin, if they win we may see them in Indianapolis playing against rival Michigan for the Little Brown Jug or OSU for the Big Ten title.
  • USC dominates Oregon

Playoff Picture 

#1 Alabama- The SEC became even easier to win for Bama this week based on the play of other SEC teams such as Auburn, Florida, T A/M and LSU who they beat this week.

#2 Michigan- The Wolverines are beating teams with dominance and have the same number of Top 25 wins as Clemson so I believe Michigan is #2 , but they still have OSU on the schedule.

#3 Clemson- The chance of them winning is very high they have an easy schedule until they play in the ACC championship which could be tough to win, but doable.

#4 Washington- If the Huskies survive USC next week they also have a very high chance of winning out, but have to play a sneaky Washington State team who is ranked.

#5 Louisville only gets in if Clemson loses at some point. However, I do not know what the case would be if Clemson loses in the ACC Championship. Does Louisville move up if that happens? I say no just because Clemson beat Louisville, but that could open the door up to

#6 Ohio State who can surpass both Clemson and Louisville if they beat Michigan and Clemson or Washington lose. Michigan may still be in if they keep it close in a loss to Ohio State or just win which looks like the case the way Michigan is playing.

#7 Wisconsin gets in by winning the Big Ten and winning out to me even with 2 losses.

#8 Auburn looked terrible this week, but can still get in if they win out and beat Bama which could happen only because it the Iron Bowl.

#9 Oklahoma could get in if they win out, and others lose ahead of them same with West Virginia, but they play each other.

Everyone else to me is a stretch to get in at this point.