Top 25 

  • #4 Michigan falls to Iowa off game winning field goal
  • #5 Clemson falls to Pitt on game winning field goal
  • #7 Washington falls to USC
  • #8 Oklahoma downs Baylor
  • #9 Penn State beats Indiana in a battle
  • #10 West V survives Texas
  • #18 Auburn upset by Georgia
  • #25 Troy is ranked out of the Sun Belt

Other Takeaways

  • UNC gets upset by Duke
  • Vtech gets upset by Gtech
  • Wake Forest gives Louisville a shot until the 4th quarter
  • Minnesota falls short to Nebraska and is out of Big Ten championship talks
  • Iowa State beats Kansas in comeback fashion in quite possibly the battle of worse power 5 teams in football
  • MSU destroys rutgers in the battle of the worst teams in the Big Ten ending their huge losing streak
  • Stanford dominates Oregon

Playoff Picture

1 Alabama- The SEC is becoming easier and easier to win for Bama. Auburn does not even seem like at threat now the way they played Saturday.

#2 OSU- It all will come down to a meeting with Michigan on November 26th, but If OSU wins out and Penn State also wins out Penn State is in the Big Ten Championship, but in that case OSU would still be in.

#3 Clemson- I believe this team has the upper hand on Louisville because of their game head to head where Clemson was victorious. If Clemson wins out they should have a fairly easy ACC Championship game and will be easily in the playoff.

#4 Michigan- It is simple beat OSU win the Big Ten and you are in and OSU is not.

#5 Louisville- This team just needs to win and hope they get lucky.

#6 Washington- This team is in trouble now if they want to get in, they still have a meeting with a hot Washington State team if they win that they have to win the PAC 12 Championship against either Colorado or USC which will be super tough.

#7 Wisconsin gets in by winning the Big Ten and winning out to me even with 2 losses to me.

#8 Oklahoma could get in if they win out, and others lose ahead of them, same with West Virginia, but they play each other.

#9 Penn State- For the Nittany Lions, If OSU wins out and they also win out they are in the Big Ten Championship. If they win the championship who says Penn State and OSU wont both be in.

Everyone else to me is a stretch to get in at this point.