From here on out I am going to be covering just the playoff picture and later in the week looking at bowl team circumstances. Once championship week starts I will go more in depth.

Playoff Picture

  1. Alabama is basically a lock in the playoff picture this team does not seem like they are going to lose and if they do they will likely still be in.
  2.  Ohio State has to beat Michigan and they are in simple as that.
  3. Michigan has to beat OSU and win the Big Ten and they are in.
  4. Clemson has the easiest road to the playoff with South Carolina and Virginia Tech (ACC Championship) left so I see them as a lock for the playoff.
  5. Washington will get in as #4 if they win out because Michigan or OSU will fall out. They have a very tough road, but it is possible.
  6. Oklahoma I have at 6 because of their dominance lately if they play like they have been they could get in if Washington falls and Michigan wins the Big Ten. However, OSU has the tiebreaker over them so we will see what the committee does with that.
  7. Penn State needs OSU to win and they could get in by winning the Big Ten Championship
  8. Wisconsin has a legitimate chance if they win the Big Ten from the Big Ten West.
  9. Colorado has to wait and see what happens above them and win
  10. USC is in the same boat as Colorado

Anyone else is a long shot these are the only ten teams that have a chance in my eyes.