All of my information comes from Joe Lunardi who is ESPNs Bracketologist at this link: For the first post of the year, I am going to be comparing the first one of the year (November 17th) to the one that I just linked (November 24th) and describing the changes. I will be doing this on a weekly basis on Thursdays.

Yes, I know it may be pointless to cover this all year, but it shows you what teams can be trusted the most come March and gives you a look at teams who can pull an upset!

  • To start it off the new teams that made it into the tournament field this week are: 10 seed UNI who made it all the way to the Final of the Puerto Rico Tip Off then lost to Xavier, 10 seed USC who beat Texas A/M who were a 3 seed in last years tourney, 12 seed Ohio who is playing the best out of the MAC, 15 seed North Dakota State, 15 seed UC Irvine, 16 seed North Dakota, 16 seed NC Central, and 16 seed CSU Bakersfield who nearly upset Arizona.
  • The 1 seeds of Kentucky, Nova, UNC, and Duke remained the same this week.
  • St Marys and Gonzaga both moved up and are now both 3 seeds out of the West Coast Conference.
  • Oregon fell from a 2 seed to a 4 seed after a bad week.
  • Wichita State is playing fantastic basketball and are now a 6 seed.
  • MSU is playing terrible and is now a 6 seed.
  • URI continues to hover in the 7-10 area at a 7 seed this week.
  • Notre Dame moves up to an 8 seed after winning the Legends Classic.
  • Princeton falls from an 8 seed to a 12 seed as UNCW stays at a 12 seed.
  • FGCU is now a 13 seed after almost upsetting MSU and Baylor.

Bubble Watch 

  • Marquette and Georgetown have both fallen out completely
  • Stanford and South Carolina took their spots
  • Last 4 byes: USC, Oklahoma, T A/M, Colorado
  • Last 4 in: SMU, Texas OSU, Clemson
  • First 4 out: BYU, Arkansas, Utah, South Carolina
  • Next 4 out: Vtech, Houston, Stanford, Georgia
  • My Possibilities: Temple, Umass, St Bonaventure, Memphis, Nebraska, Pitt