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This week I am comparing the November 24th edition to today’s edition

  • New teams in the tourney are 6 seed South Carolina,  10 seed Oklahoma State, 11 seed Vtech, 12 seeds Midd Tenn, Clemson, and TCU, and 14 seed Akron.
  • The 1-3 seeded teams stayed the same except Arizona fell to a 5 seed and Baylor moved up from a 6 seed to a 2 seed.
  • Creighton, UCLA and Florida move up from a 5 seed to a 4 seed as Wisconsin remains at 4.
  • Cuse who were a 4 seed fell to an 8 seed, Oregon fell to a 6 seed and Purdue fell to a 5 seed.
  • MSU falls even more to a 7 seed.
  • OSU is up to a 7 seed from a 12 seed even after losing to Virginia.
  • Wichita State falls from a 6 seed to a 9 seed.
  • 9-11 seeds moved around a bit, but not much.
  • UNCW is still holding down their 12 seed as Valpo joins them at 12 after upsetting URI, Clemson and TCU round out the 12 seeds as new teams.
  • Princeton falls from a 12 seed to a 13 seed and does not fall out.
  • All other teams seeded 13-16 remained the same.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 byes- Maryland, Colorado, SMU, Vtech.
  • Last 4 in- TCU(new), Clemson, T AM, Cal.
  • First 4 out- NC State, Pitt(new), Minnesota (new), Arkansas.
  • Next 4 out- Stanford, Davidson(new), Temple(new), UNI (new).
  • Houston, Georgia, Utah, Texas, and BYU all fall out.