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December 8th Edition

  • New teams in this weeks Tournament are Minnesota and Marquette at 11 seeds, Arkansas and Pitt at 12 seeds, Eastern Michigan is randomly in at a 14 seed, Fort Wayne is in at a 15 seed after upsetting Indiana, and Sam Houston State is in as a 16 seed.
  • Baylor has made their way all the way up to a 1 seed and took Kentucky’s spot after their loss. Other 1 seeds are Nova, Kansas, and Duke.
  • UCLA moves up from a 4 seed to a 2 seed, Kentucky, Indiana, and UNC round out the 2 seed spots.
  • St Marys and Zaga are still holding down 3 seeds.
  • West Virginia is up from a 6 seed to a 4 seed.
  • Wisconsin dropped one seed some how to a 5 seed.
  • 6-9 seeds are pretty identical from last week just moved around a little bit.
  • VCU fell from an 8 seed to on the bubble as a 10 seed.
  • UNCW is now an 11 seed out of the Colonial Conference.
  • Middle Tennessee is still a 12 seed, but Monmouth is now a 12 seed as well since they flip flopped with Valpo now a 13 seed who suffered a terrible loss to Kentucky.
  • Everything else from 13-16 are the same other than Sam Houston State getting in and SFA falling out.

Bubble Watch 

  • Last 4 byes- TCU, VCU, Minnesota, and Oklahoma State.
  • Last 4 in- SMU, Pitt, Marquette,  and Arkansas.
  • First 4 out- Seton Hall, Temple, Cal, and Oklahoma.
  • Next 4 out- Clemson, Northwestern, Texas Tech, and Providence.
  • New teams being Marquette, Seton Hall, Northwestern, Texas Tech, and Providence.
  • Colorado fell all the way from last 4 byes to all the way out even after upsetting Xavier
  • UNI, Davidson, NC State, and Stanford all fall out.
  • My possibilities for the bubble are St Bonaventure (especially if they beat UNCW Saturday), George Mason even though they had 2 bad losses in their first two games this year, Umass, Kansas State, Utah, and Auburn.