Dec 29th Bracket here:

Bracket Changes

  • New teams: 10 seed Pitt, 12 seeds Marquette and Nevada, 15 seed North Dakota State, and 16 seed UNC Greensboro.
  • 1-3 seeds remain the same other than Gonzaga now being a 2 seed and Louisville takes the 3 seed after their loss to Virginia who is also a 3 seed.
  • FSU and Oregon move up from 6 to a 5 seed.
  • Cincy randomly falls from a 5 seed to a 7 seed.
  • Arkansas and Minnesota are now 8 seeds after being on the bubble as 12 seeds, as well as Clemson being a 7 seed now from an 11 seed.
  • Dayton drops from a 9 seed to and 11 seed.
  • Mid Tennessee is still an 11 seed, UT Arlington, UNCW, and now Nevada are the 12 seeds along with a play in game between Marquette and a shocker in MSU.
  • The 13 seeds are scary being Florida Gulf Coast, Monmouth, Valpo, and Akron.
  • Princeton is still a lingering 15 seed.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 Byes: Northwestern, Pitt, Seton Hall, and TCU.
  • Last 4 In: VCU, Marquette, MSU, and OSU.
  • First 4 Out: Texas A/M, Temple, Illinois, and Wake Forest.
  • Next 4 Out: Texas Tech, NC State, Houston, and URI.
  • Providence falls from safely in the tourney to all the way out after a beat down from Xavier.
  • URI falls from safely in the tourney to almost off the bubble.
  • Texas A/M falls from 8 seed to First 4 Out without any reasoning behind it.
  • MSU finds themselves even lower on the bubble after a win vs Minnesota who is an 8 seed.
  • OSU is on the bubble now as well.
  • Only new team into the whole bracketology is NC State.