New Bracket:

Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 11 seed Illinois, 13 seeds New Mex State, Okaland, Boise State, 14 seeds Marshall, Samford, Bucknell, 15 seeds Canisius, Weber State, and 16 seeds Longwood, Mt St Marys, Hampton, SE Lousiana, UC Irvine, and Jacksonville State.
  • Gonzaga is now a 1 seed after Dukes loss to Virginia Tech.
  • Oregon and FSU move up to 4 seeds after their big wins last week.
  • 5 seeds are all different from last week the new ones being ND, Florida, Wisconsin, and Arizona.
  • Clemson is now a 6 seed and is continuing to trend upward.
  • 7-10 seeds are pretty normal except Indiana after a rough week is now a 9 seed falling from a 6 seed.
  • UNCW is now an 11 seed which is huge for them.
  • We have some very peculiar 12 seeds this week. TCU and VCU are in the play in game, UT Arlington just like last week, Akron, and Vermont. It was shocking to see Akron and Vermont all the way up to a 12 seed.
  • 13-16 seeds changed a lot as you can see in the new teams list above

Bubble Watch

  • MSU made their way into the tourney and off the bubble with big wins vs two tourney teams.
  • Maryland is now on the bubble for the first time this year after being in the tourney field all year.
  • New Teams: Kansas State who is very deserving of this after almost upsetting Kansas, Nebraska, and Middle Tennessee who finds themselves on the bubble after falling out of the tourney field.
  • Last 4 byes: Pitt, Maryland, Seton Hall, and Northwestern.
  • Last 4 in: TCU, VCU, Illinois, and Rhode Island.
  • First 4 out: Texas Tech, Houston, Marquette, and Middle Tennessee.
  • Next 4 out: NC State, Kansas State, OSU, and Nebraska.
  • My possibilities: UCF(12-3) 1 loss coming to Villanova by just 10, and their other two losses being pretty bad coming to Penn and George Washington. However, they have strengths that can put them on the bubble if they can knock off some head honchos in the tough AAC. Iowa(9-6) Yes, they have a lot of loses, but so does Nebraska who is on the bubble. Iowa looks they can survive enough in the Big Ten to make the tourney. Valpo(11-3) got passed up by Oakland who they play Friday, however I believe both Valpo and Oakland are both liable tourney teams. Illinois State(11-4) with a win vs Wichita State will prove they can be a tourney team or at least on the bubble. Cal(10-4) can easily be a tourney team I do not see how they are not. The Mountain West looks like they can produce some strong teams, but it will be hard for us to see more than one of them in because they will beat each other knocking each other out of contention.