January 16th edtion: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology/_/iteration/200

 Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 12 seeds Nevada and Michigan, 13 seed Akron, and 16 seed UC Irvine.
  • 1-3 seeds are the same.
  • Duke is now a 4 seed.
  • 5 seeds look strong being Wisconsin, Cincy Oregon, and Arizona.
  • The 6 seeds all had bad weeks being St Marys, Xavier, Purdue, and Minnesota.
  • 7 seeds are all the same.
  • Indiana is back as an 8 seed while Vtech is slipping as a 9 seed.
  • Dayton and Northwestern are also 9 seeds with Northwestern trending up and Dayton trending down.
  • UNCW, Middle Tennessee, and Illinois State are some very strong mid major 11 seeds. The 11 seeds are completed by the play in game of Seton Hall who is stumbling and Texas Tech.
  • The 12 seed play in game is very interesting between Wichita State who is now a bubble team because of their loss to Illinois State and Michigan who made their way back in the tourney after a win vs Nebraska. Chattanooga, Nevada, and Vermont make up the rest of the 12 seeds.
  • Richmond undefeated in A10 play found their way into the tournament as an auto bid.
  • 13-16 remained the same like they usually do other than a few new teams listed above.

Bubble Watch

  • Basically the same as last week so I am not going to list it out.
  • Wichita State has fallen to the bubble as Michigan found their way back to the bubble along with Wake Forest and Rhode Island.