New Bracket:

Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 13 seed Valpo, 15 seed Bucknell, and 16 seed Morgan State.
  • 1-3 seeds still the same.
  • Duke is now a 5 seed dropping 1 seed.
  • South Carolina is back as a 6 seed after their huge win over the Gators.
  • MSU, Maryland, and Minnesota all 7 seeds out of the tight Big Ten.
  • Middle Tennessee now sitting at a 10 seed, honestly I think they would be better off as an 11 seed or higher giving them an easier road to make a run in the tourney.
  • Wake vs VCU is the 11 seed play in game, with UNCW and Illionois State also as 11 seeds.
  • The 12 seed play in game is Seton Hall vs Kansas State with Akron, Nevada, and Vermont the other 12 seeds.
  • Valpo is back as a 13 seed.
  • Everything else is normal with the 13-16 seeds.

Bubble Watch

  • Nothing really new with the bubble except Wichita State is out of the tournament as “First 4 Out” and Michigan fell out of the Tourney field, but are still on the bubble as “Next 4 Out.”