Yesterday was supposed to be the day that part 1 (Monday Edtion) of bracketology went up, but I am going to wait until tomorrows new bracket to post.However, on Feburary 11th the March Madness committee will release the top 4 seeds as of where they would stand if the season ended today. This could change how we view bracketology so we will have to wait and see. Last night we had the craziest night of the year so far and in this post I will try my best to help you understand what yesterday meant for college basketball.

Marquette came back to beat #1 Villanova with Nova missing two lay ups before the buzzer sounded. I would not be too worried about Villanova’s stock they are still a top 5 team in my eyes, but Marquette proved that they can play with the big boys and could make a magical Big East run like Seton Hall did last year.

#2 Kansas fell to #18 West Virginia off of a crazy late push from the Mountaineers. This game baffled me the most last night, Kansas has been playing on a new level, while West Virginia dropped two straight losses. I did not see Kansas losing this game. Kansas is in the same boat as Villanova still a top 5 team.

#4 Kentucky was also upset, by Tennessee. Kentucky has been in trouble, if you missed it before this upset Kentucky almost fell to Vandy. Kentucky is going to have prove they still belong among the best in College Basketball right now.

This leaves #3 Gonzaga just hanging around. Will the AP name the Zags the #1 team in the country come Monday? I can see it, but what happens with the winner of the blockbuster match-up Saturday between Kansas and Kentucky. Kansas having the best loss Tuesday could also be #1 with a win vs Kentucky and with the resume they are putting out there. So I guess we will have to wait and see.

Another huge game took place yesterday that was looked past. #12 Virginia beat #14 Notre Dame 71-54 making the ACC more interesting.

I hope this made up for missing bracketology yesterday, Top 10 players will be posted right after this.