New Bracket:

Bracket Changes

  • Same 1 seeds except Gonzaga, potentially the best team in the country is finally a 1 seed after Kentucky lost and fell to a 2 seed.
  • All the rest of the 2 seeds and 3 seeds remained the same.
  • Notre Dame is now a 4 seed after Creightons plummet to a 6 seed opened up the door for them even after their loss to Virginia.
  • Duke still sits as a 5 seed.
  • MSU dropped from a 7 seed to a 9 seed.
  • Marquette is now an 8 seed  after upsetting #1 Villanova, they came off the bubble.
  • Play in games for the 12 seeds are Michigan vs Miami and Clemson vs Texas Tech
  • Literally no movement for mid major teams seeded anywhere from 10-16.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 Byes: TCU, Wake, VCU, and Seton Hall.
  • Last 4 In- Michigan, Miami, Clemson, and Texas Tech
  • First 4 Out- Wichita State, Rhode Island, Cal, and Georgia
  • Next 4 Out- Utah, Pitt, NC State, and Georgia Tech.
  • Georgia Tech finds themselves on the bubble after a 22 point victory over the 6th ranked Florida State Seminoles. The Yellow Jackets can be scary at times.
  • Even with a dominate win vs Iowa, Illinois fell off the bubble some how.

Bracketology heated up big time this week, a lot to take in before the big Saturday of games coming up.