I am combining the Monday and Thursday editions this because there were not many changes in the Brackets.

New Bracket: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology/_/iteration/214

Bracket Changes

  • I expected there to be a lot of change, but there really were not much.
  • New teams: 11 seeds Oklahoma State, Wichita State and Georgia Tech, and 15 seeds Furman and Arkansas State.
  • 1 seeds remain the same Nova, Baylor, Zaga, and Kansas.
  • Louisville move up to a 2 seed as FSU falls to a 3 seed.
  • Duke  after their win vs Notre Dame moved up from a 5 seed to a 4 seed. UCLA also sits as a 4 seed. There were other small movements from seeds 4-6, but nothing special. However, South Carolina is a 6 seed, bumping Xavier to a 7 seed.
  • Same teams make up the 7-10 seeds.
  • The two play in games are 11 seed Georgia Tech vs Wichita State and 12 seed Miami vs KSU.  Middle Tennessee and Illinois State are the other 11 seeds with a lot of potential. Wichita State found their way back into the field and Georgia Tech even with a loss to Clemson made the field.
  • Belmont with a huge win over Tennessee State moved up to a 13 seed. They have a test tonight vs Murray State to remain undefeated in conference and potentially move up to a 12 seed.
  • Everything else from seeds 14-16 are normal other than 2 new teams listed above.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 Byes: Oklahoma State, Clemson, TCU, and Michigan.
  • Last 4 In: Georgia Tech, KSU, Wake, Wichita State, and Miami.
  • First 4 Out: Wake, Seton Hall, Tennessee, and Cal.
  • Next 4 Out: Rhode Island, Georgia, Utah, and Texas Tech.
  • VCU finally finds their way off the bubble after beating Dayton and Richmond to be the top team in the A10.
  • Oklahoma State jumped all the way from off the bubble, to into the tournament field as Pitt fell completely out of the tournament field.