Combining the two brackets again this week


Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 10 seed Cal, 11 seed Cuse, 12 Seeds Nevada and Tennessee, and 15 seed UNC Ashville after beating Wintrop to take the Big South lead.
  • 1 seeds remain the same: Nova, Zaga, Baylor, and Kansas.
  • Florida after their win vs Kentucky rocketed up to a 3 seed from a 5 seed. However, in the Thursday edition they dropped to a 4 seed along with West Virginia, making way for Wisconsin and Virginia to become 3 seeds.
  • Oregon is now a 2 seed while Kentucky falls to a 3 seed.
  • UCLA still a 4 seed even after a win vs Oregon, Duke still a 5 seed.
  • Xavier is back to the 6 seed line after a good week.
  • 7-10 seeds still relatively the same. However, Wichita State is off the bubble with a 40 point victory over rival Illinois State to retake the conference and MSU dropped from an 8 seed to a 10 seed after they got embarrassed by Michigan.
  • Middle Tennessee still sits at an 11 seed after their first conference loss to UTEP.
  • Other 11 seeds are Syracuse who are safely into the tournament field, Seton Hall coming off a big win vs Providence, and Arkansas who are plummeting.
  • Other 12 seeds are Vermont, Nevada, UNCW and play in game Indiana vs Tennessee.
  • 13 seeds are so strong at this point in the Bracketology process being New Mex State who is coming off a bad loss, as well as Belmont, Monmouth, and Valpo.
  • Akron has fell to the 14 seed line and have to get a big win tonight vs Eastern Michigan.
  • 15 and 16 seeds the same.

Bubble Watch 

  • Last 4 Byes- Cuse, Vtech, Cal, Marquette.
  • Last 4 In- Indiana, Tennessee, Seton Hall, Arkansas.
  • First 4 Out- Clemson, Wake, Gtech, Rhode Island.
  • Next 4 Out- Michigan, Illinois State, Gtown, Texas Tech.
  • My Possibilities- Houston (I do not see how they are not on the bubble), Auburn, Ohio State, Alabama, Ole Miss, Pitt, and Memphis.
  • Clemson had a great start to the season, but now find themselves trending down and out of the tourney field
  • 10 seed and Last 4 Bye, Cal is on the rise and are looking really good, but do not have a top 25 win.
  • It is getting tight in the A10 with Dayton and VCU pretty safe and URI on the bubble, with Richmond and St Bonaventure on the outside looking in.

Bracket Preview is tomorrow!