New Bracket:

Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 12 seed UT Arlington, 15 seed Colorado State.
  • 1 seeds are still the same Nova, Zaga, Kansas, and Baylor even after their loss to Texas Tech.
  • Florida State has moved up to a 2 seed as Zona drops to a 3 seed.
  • Duke jumps the 4 seed line and moves up to a 3 seed from a 5 seed.
  • Wisconsin are the highest seeded Big Ten teams and are now both 5 seeds.
  • South Carolina falls off the 6 seed and above line dropping from a 5 seed to a 7 seed.
  • Wichita State keeps climbing and are now an 8 seed.
  • Michigan and MSU who have jumped around a lot lately are both sitting as 10 seeds.
  • Ut Arlington as you saw above have made their way back into the tourney and stole a 12 seed back which is a little too high for me. I see them as a 13 or 14 seed.
  • Valpo has fell to a 14 seed so if I am a 3 seed I would be afraid to see them in the first round.
  • Furman out of the Southern Conference have jumped up to 14 seed and look to finish the season strong and receive a bid.
  • The new leader of the Mountain West Conference is a shocker in Colorado State, they sit at a 15 seed
  • 16 seeds are the same.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 Byes: Michigan, KSU, Arkansas, TCU.
  • Last 4 In: Seton Hall, Ill State, Syracuse, Marquette.
  • First 4 Out: Clemson, Tennessee, Gtech, Wake.
  • Next 4 Out: Indiana, Texas Tech, Gtown, Providence.
  • The one and only thing that stands out to me is that Indiana is in trouble.