New Bracket:

Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 12 seed Nevada and 14 seed East Tennessee State.
  • North Carolina is now a 1 seed as Nova, Zaga and Kansas remain 1 seeds.
  • Baylor after a bad week falls to a 2 seed. I do not see Baylor as a 1 seed and haven’t for a while. FSU dropped to a 3 seed opening up that 2 seed for Baylor. Also Butler after upsetting Nova moved up to a 3 seed.
  • Duke got upset by Cuse to end the hot streak they had going which resulted as them falling to a 4 seed.
  • Virginia is now a 5 seed, but could fall even more since they just dropped another game to Miami this time. SMU moved up to a 5 seed after a fantastic week beating Cincy and Houston.
  • A new shocker on the 6 seed line are the Oklahoma State Cowboys after their win vs Kansas State.
  • Iowa State a 7 seed is trending upwards and could find themselves on the 6 seed line after a big win against Texas Tech.
  • Maryland fell to a 7 seed off the 6 seed line after a loss to Minnesota who also are a 7 seed.
  • Xavier fell to Seton Hall last night and fell to an 8 seed.
  • Northwestern continues to inch closer to the dreaded bubble as they attempt to make the tourney for the first time. They are now a 9 seed.
  • Syracuse is safe from the bubble at a 10 seed as of now after beating Duke.
  • Middle Tennessee and UNCW are now 11 seeds. I found this to be weird because UNCW is struggling and they moved up not down. It will be interesting where the selection committee will put them if they win the Colonial Conference because in this case Joe Lunardi sees them as an at large bid.
  • Vermont randomly fell a seed to a 13 seed.
  • Valpo still sits at a 14 seed. If I was a 3 seed I would not want to see them in round one.
  • Florida Gulf Coast has dropped to a 15 seed randomly so it will also be interesting to see where the selection committee puts them on Selection Sunday.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 Byes- Michigan State, USC, Cal, Marquette.
  • Last 4 In- Seton Hall. TCU, Ill State, Georgia Tech.
  • First 4 Out- KSU, Wake, Clemson, Tennessee.
  • Next 4 Out- Vandy, Providence, Indiana, Pitt.
  • Kansas State will a loss to now 6 seed Oklahoma State knocked them out of the tourney for now.
  • Providence and Vandy are back on the bubble.