New Bracket:

Bracket Changes

  • New Teams: 11 seed Wake Forest, 15 seed Oakland, and 15 seed UNC Greensbro.
  • North Carolina with a loss to Virginia still maintained their 1 seed. I do not see anyone else liable as a 1 seed though, so I see why they stayed there. 2 seeds still they same.
  • Duke is back to a 3 seed switching with now 4 seed Florida State who they beat on Tuesday.
  • Iowa State and Minnesota have both found their way to the 6 seed line bumping Oklahoma State and Creighton back to 7 seeds.
  • The 9 seeds are all Big Ten teams Northwestern, Michigan, Maryland, and even MSU who fell to Illinois, but did not drop a seed.
  • Middle Tennessee retains their 10 seed, but struggled with FIU Thursday Night, the worst team in their conference.
  • Providence and Marquette are both sitting at 11 seeds and not in play-in games. The two 11 seed play-in games are USC vs Xavier and Cal vs Wake.
  • The projected famous 12 seeds are Illinois State, UNCW, Nevada, and UT Arlington.
  • The projected 13 seeds are just as scary as the 12 seeds being Princeton, Monmouth, Vermont, and Belmont.
  • 14 seed Bucknell has been looking fantastic and has been gaining more and more momentum in the Patriot League tourney.
  • 16 seeds are all the same.

Bubble Watch

  • Last 4 Byes: Seton Hall, Cuse, Providence, and Marquette.
  • Last 4 In: USC, Xavier, Cal, and Wake Forest.
  • First 4 Out- Vandy, Gtech, Rhode Island, and Kansas State.
  • Next 4 Out- Georgia, Illinois, Houston, and Clemson.
  • My only two other possibilities are Richmond and Texas Tech.