This post obviously returns this year, and will be posted every Monday throughout the year!

AP Poll

1.              Duke

2              MSU

3              Arizona

4              Kansas

5              Kentucky

6              Nova

7              Wichita State

8              Florida

9              UNC

10           USC

11           West Virginia

12           Cincy

13           Miami

14           Notre Dame

15           Minnesota

16           Louisville

17           Xavier

18           Zaga

19           Northwestern

20           Purdue

21           UCLA

22           St Marys

23           Seton Hall

24           Baylor

25           Texas A/M


#1 Duke is well deserving of the number one spot because of the freshman talent they possess this year, led by upperclassman Grayson Allen. However, #2 MSU, #3 Zona, and #4 Kansas all could make an argument on why they should be ranked #1 in the nation. Each team has unbelievable young talent, balanced out with veteran leadership. Michigan State may have a lot of work to do to be Final Four quality since they lack experience the most out of the top 4 teams.

#5 Kentucky is loaded up again with the top freshman class in the country. The Wildcats will have to learn to play together in order to get to high places this year since they are so young.

#6 Villanova has the best point guard in the nation this year in Jalen Brunson. He will look to repeat what Josh Hart did last year to carry Nova to another Big East title.

#7 Wichita State has been ranked fairly low to start the year in my eyes. They almost took out last years Kentucky team, and they return all 5 starters on that team. I believe Wichita State should be ranked #5 because their experience means more to me than Kentucky’s recruiting class. Plus the conference change to the AAC allows them to grow even more.

#8 Florida will be gunning to take out Kentucky in the SEC, and win the regular season title. I believe this very balanced team has the talent to pull it off.

#9 UNC will be without their star Joel Berry II to start the year. They will lean on veteran Theo Pinson to carry the load, and spark their season until Berry returns.

#10 USC returns a lot from a team that came out of no where last year in the NCAA Tournament. Look for this team to continue to improve throughout the year to get ready for another postseason run.

#11 West Virginia is team just like Florida. They will be gunning for the power house in the Big 12, the Kansas Jay Hawks. Like Florida they can easily over run the Jay Hawks in conference this year.

#12 Cincinnati would have been the favorite in the AAC if it wern’t for Wichita State joining to ruin their fun. Cincy is a very good basketball team, who people think will top the Shockers because they will not be used to playing such a tough power conference schedule. Cincy will be looking over their shoulder though at new basketball rival SMU.

#13 Miami to me has been ranked too high. The have solid returners and solid freshman, but I am not sure how well these players will cope together.

#14 Notre Dame to me has the best overall player in the country Bonzie Colson. This man is a dominant defender, and a dominant scorer, as well as a great leader to take the Fighting Irish deep into the postseason.

#15 Minnesota was upset by Middle Tennessee last year in the first round of the tournament. However, you cannot look past the run this team went on late in the year to even get in the tournament. They return 4 of the 5 top scorers from last years team and look to contend in the Big Ten.

#16 Louisville will have to look past the Rick Pitino controversy to be successful. They have one of the most talented teams in the country if they use the talent correctly.

#17 Xavier should be ranked higher in my eyes. This team returns potentially the best scorer in the nation Trevon Bluiett along with sharp shooter JP Macura. These two may be the best duo to watch this year, and they could carry Xavier to a Big East title.

#18 Gonzaga lost a lot from last years championship run. They should not be ranked higher than conference rival #22 St Marys to start the year. St Marys is overall the better team in the preseason.

#19 Northwestern made the NCAA Tournament for the first time last year, and they returned many assets from last years team to do it again.

#20 Purdue is in the mix again this year, but the experience may not be there to begin the season. The Boilermakers season will either be really good or really bad for their standards.

#21 UCLA lost a Ball brother, but gained a new one. Gelo is on the roster this year along with young raw talent, and fantastic 2nd year players Thomas Welsh and Aaron Holiday

#23 Seton Hall will shock a lot of people once again this year. They return the best trio in the nation. Angel Delgado, Kadeen Carrington, and Desi Rodriguez are all back this year.

#24 Baylor’s entire school has been corrupt this year, and their previously dominant football team has not won a game this year. Will this be the case for the very talented Bears in basketball this year?

#25 Texas A/M possesses the most interesting NBA Draft prospect we have seen in a while. Robert Williams came out of no where, and was projected to be a top 5 pick in last years NBA Draft, but chose to stay in school to make Texas A/M relevant in basketball again.

Top games to look forward to in the first week of play

  • #11 West V vs #25 Texas A/M (Nov 10th)
  • #18 Gonzaga vs Texas Southern (Nov 10th)
  • #21 UCLA vs GTech (Nov 10th)
  • #23 Seton Hall vs Monmouth (Nov 12th)
  • #5 Kentucky vs Vermont (Nov 12th)
  • #15 Minnesota vs Providence (Nov 13th)
  • #22 St Marys vs New Mex State (Nov 13th)
  • #7 Wichita State vs Charleston (Nov 13th)
  • #1 Duke vs #2 Michigan State (Nov 14th)
  • #4 Kansas vs #5 Kentucky (Nov 14th)
  • #23 Seton Hall vs Indiana (Nov 15th)
  • #9 UNC vs Bucknell (Nov 15th)
  • #19 Northwestern vs Creighton (Nov 15th)
  • #7 Xavier vs Wisconsin (Nov 16th)
  • #4 Kansas vs South Dakota State (Nov 17th)
  • #10 USC vs Vandy (Nov 19th)