Another action packed year is in store for the ACC. Duke, UNC, Louisville, Notre Dame and Miami are all favorites to win the ACC title in my eyes. Duke has Grayson Allen, and perhaps Coach Ks best recruiting class of all time. UNC has Joel Berry who has an itch for winning championships. Louisville returns 3 starters and add many top 100 freshman recruits. Notre Dame has Bonzie Colson who is easily the best scorer in the conference. And last but not least, Miami returns 4 of their 5 top scorers and adds freshman studs Lonnie Walker and Chris Wilkes. Outside of these 5 teams, the team with best chance to jump into the mix is NC State who returned two starters, added two top 100 freshman, and most importantly acquired UNCWs Cj Bryce off transfers who averaged 17.4 PPG. VTech, Syracuse, Wake Forest, and GTech can all make some noise in the conference, but should not accomplish anything crazy. In my eyes Florida State and Virginia will plummet and join Boston College, Clemson, and Pitt at the bottom of the conference. These two teams each returned barely anything and FSU was the only team out of the two to add a top 100 freshman. Virginia has Kyle Guy who is projected to have a fantastic season, but he alone is not even close to enough for the Virginia Cavilers.

Regular Season Champ- Duke

Tournament Champ- UNC