Playoff Rankings 

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson
  3. Miami
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Auburn
  7. Georgia
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Ohio State
  10. Penn State
  11. USC
  12. TCU
  13. Oklahoma State
  14. Wash State
  15. UCF
  16. Miss State
  17. Michigan State
  18. Washington
  19. NC State
  20. LSU
  21. Memphis
  22. Stanford
  23. Northwestern
  24. Michigan
  25. Boise State

Playoff Notes/Predictions 

#1 Alabama has to play Auburn, and with a win over Auburn play Georgia in the SEC Championship win both, and they are obviously in, but what if they suffer a loss? It is interesting to think about what would happen if they fall to Auburn. If they loss to Auburn there is a chance that a one loss Bama does not get in if Oklahoma and Clemson win out, and Miami gets in with 1 close loss to Clemson. If Alabama loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship I believe both teams would get into the playoff.

#2 Clemson likely will need to beat Miami in the ACC Championship to get in.

#3 Miami can lose to Clemson and still get in, but it depends on what teams are in contention at that time especially in the SEC.

#4 Oklahoma simply needs to win out to get in the playoff, and Baker Mayfield seems like he will make sure that happens!

#5 Wisconsin’s chances just do not look good to me. I believe their offense will not be enough to get passed Michigan’s defense this week, and even if they do beat Michigan, there is a slim chance they win the BIG Ten Championship.

#6 Auburn simply needs to win out beating Bama and Georgia to get in with two losses.

#7 Georgia can still easily get in by winning the SEC Championship, but it will depend on the other teams in contention.

#8 Notre Dame does not have the teams left on the schedule to boost them into the playoff in my eyes.

#9 Ohio State and #10 Penn States two losses are too much to get them into the playoff unless something crazy happens above them which is highly unlikely.

#11 USC has to win out to even have a slim chance.

I believe #15 UCF got screwed on the rankings this week. They should be much higher, and if they win out they should be considered for the playoff if something out of the blue happens that opens up a spot.

The two things that could open up the door for different teams to get in would be that Oklahoma loses, and Alabama beats both Auburn and Georgia. If these two things happen, say hello to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, USC, and potentially UCF because Oklahoma, Auburn, and Georgia would all fall out. Also, two loss Clemson who say lost to Miami

Playoff Prediction 

1. Miami 13-0 ACC Champs

2. Oklahoma 12-1 Big 12 Champs

3. Georgia 12-1 SEC Champs

4. Alabama 12-1

Bowl Game Notes

*updating the teams that still need to get to 6 wins to make a bowl game*

Florida State has rescheduled their cancelled game with UL Monroe. So to make a bowl FSU must beat Delaware State, Florida, and UL Monroe which is easily do able for the Seminoles.

Boston College and Syracuse could potentially have a final game to determine who goes to a bowl game. Syracuse would have to beat Louisville this week for that to happen.

Texas Tech must beat either TCU or Texas to get into a bowl game. As Texas must beat either West Virginia or Texas Tech.

Rutgers can still get in a bowl game if they beat Indiana and Michigan State.

UCLA must beat either Utah or Cal to reach a bowl game.

Utah and Colorado likely will play for bowl eligibility in Week 13.

Lastly, Missouri must beat either Vandy or Arkansas to get into a bowl game.

These are just to name a few keep an eye on: Georgia Tech(5-5), Duke(4-6), Temple(5-5), Purdue(4-6), Minnesota(5-5), Cal(5-5), Western Kentucky vs Midd Tennesee, LTech vs UTSA, Utah State vs Air Force, UNLV(4-6), South Alabama(4-6).