I am very excited to announce that I will be having two new writers cover two new sports that have never appeared on ZpretzSportZone. Garrett Evert will be covering the UFC every Monday recapping fight-weekends and talking about many more topics within the UFC! Brenden Campbell will not be posting weekly, but he will be posting after major Tennis tournaments throughout the Spring and Summer! Both new sports can be found in the Other menu at the top of the website come Monday when Garrett and Brendan will both post their first articles!

Garrett Evert- “From world champions all the way down to up and coming rookies, I will dive into every corner of the octagon.”

Brenden Campbell- “I’ll be giving my take on all major ATP, WTA, and Davis Cup events.”

In terms of my role, I will continue my weekly NCAA Basketball articles until the season ends in April. Two others that I will be covering whenever possible will be the MLS and the PGA Tour. The main thing for me though in the Summer will be The World Cup, as I will try my best to give daily updates and predictions! A few other things that may make an appearance are Champions League soccer, Fantasy Football, and NCAA Softball!

Thank you for allowing us to continue growing as a website!