Today is the big day, it is Selection Sunday and we will finally know the field of 68 teams that will be in the 2018 NCAA Tournament. Below is my final bracketology along with some notes on what I am looking for when the committee reveals the bracket at 6pm. This is the first year I have actually done my own bracketology throughout the entire season, so let’s see how correct I will be!

Final Bracketology 2018

Selection Sunday Notes

  • First of all, Houston and Cincinnati will be playing for the AAC Championship at 3:30 and with that game, Houston could move up to a #4 seed with a win, and Cincy could move down to a #3 seed with a loss.
  • I am almost positive that the #1 seeds are set being Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, and Xavier.
  • It will be interesting to see what happens with the 2-seed line. I believe Duke and UNC are locks, but it will be between Cincinnati (if they beat Houston), Purdue, Michigan, and Arizona for the other two #2 seeds.
  • Gonzaga’s seed is in question as they can be as high as a #3 seed and as low as a #6 seed, so the committee will have a choice to make in terms of the Bulldogs.
  • Nevada lost in their conference tournament, but will easily receive an at-large bid, the question is where the committee will seed them as the Wolf Pack can be a very dangerous team.
  • Davidsons upsets Rhode Island to win the A10 Championship as they steal yet another bid in the NCAA Tournament. This year’s bid stealers were Marshall, San Diego State, and Davidson which took away three spots in the big dance for bubble teams.
  • The bubble is wide open as we end the season, and as you can see the 11 seeds in red are my final four teams in (St Bonaventure, Florida State, Oklahoma, and Middle Tennessee). I believe that we will see St Bonaventure and Florida State in the field for sure, but Oklahoma and Middle Tennessee are far from safe. The committee has shocked us in the last couple years with teams they put in and teams they left out. Below are the teams that I believe will be left out but could find their way into the bracket. I am looking for the committee to shock us again as they do every year!

Teams that could make the Tournament that I have out

  • St Marys
  • Arizona State
  • Notre Dame
  • Louisville
  • Oklahoma State
  • Penn State
  • Marquette
  • Syracuse