Yes you read this post correctly, my roommates at Northwood and some of our closest friends are involved in a Fantasy Football league. This year our league is mostly seniors and I wanted this year to be special. With that being said, throughout the season I will be posting our weekly power rankings for the league along with some awesome additional articles. I am also currently working on figuring out how to make our league viewable to the public, so people can follow along if they choose to do so. We have had a twitter page for three years, but I figured that I could use my personal website to put out even better articles and news!

Now, it is time to meet our league!

322 Division 

Zach(Me)- Commissioner

Will- Has been my roommate and one of my best friends since freshman year.

Garrett- Has been my roommate and one of my best friends since sophomore year.

Mason- Has been my roommate and one of my best friends since sophomore year.

Old Conference Foes Division (OCF) 

Dave- Defending champ, my IM Basketball teammate, and the kicker on the football team.

Vince- Huge Andrew Luck/Colts fan and a great friend.

Taylor- Great friend that I met as a freshman who has been in the league since day one.

Damian- My actual first roommate of college and a kid who can finally draft his own team since he took over teams in the past.

 New Conference Foes Division (NCF) 

Natalie- Year 1 champ, only girl ever in the league, and my girlfriend of 5 years!

Brendan- Basically like a roommate to me and again one of my best friends.

Austin- Met him freshman year and he was an avid twitter fan of the league two years ago so we added him last year.

Jay- Has also been one of my best friends and I finally got him to join the league for senior szn!

Lastly, I am excited to finally release what I have been working on periodically throughout the summer. I have created a Northwood Fantasy History Book with everyones regular season record and playoff record that will be updated as the season unfolds.

All Times Records (Regular Season) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
1. Zach (9-4) (8-5) (17-9)
2. Vince (9-4) (7-6) (16-10)
3. Dave (6-7) (9-4) (15-11)
4. Natalie (6-7) (8-5) (14-12)
5. Will (6-7) (8-5) (14-12)
6. Austin (0-0) (7-6) (7-6)
7. Taylor (7-6) (6-7) (13-13)
8. Brendan (0-0) (6-7) (6-7)
9. Damien (1-4) (7-6) (8-10)
10. Garrett (7-6) (3-10) (10-16
11. Mason (3-10) (5-8) (8-18)
12. Jay (0-0) (0-0) (0-0)
1. Dave (3-0) 1 ring
2. Natalie (5-1) 1 ring
3. Zach (3-2) 2 3rd places
4. Garrett (1-1) 1 sacko
5. Austin (1-2)
6. Taylor (0-1)
7. Damien (0-1)
8. Will (0-1) 1 sacko
9. Vince (0-2) both to a girl
10. Brendan (0-0)
11. Mason (0-0)
12. Jay (0-0)

Be on the lookout for the first Power Rankings after we draft on September 2nd!