1 Clemson
2 Vtech
3 BC
4 Miami
6 NC State
7 Syracuse
8 Duke
9 Gtech
10 Pitt
11 Virginia
12 UNC
13 Wake
14 Louisville

Clemson is still on top, and Virginia Tech showed us that they own the Coastal Division after Miami looked terrible against LSU. Vtech dominated FSU, so FSU and Miami dropped and were jumped by my sleeper team in the conference in Boston College.

Big 12

1 Oklahoma
2 West V
4 Oklahoma State
5 Iowa State
6 Texas
7 Texas Tech
8 Baylor
9 Kansas State
10 Kansas

It looks like The Big 12 is Oklahoma vs West Virginia as both teams looked great in Week 1! We will soon see what TCU is made of when they face Ohio State Week 3.

Big Ten

1 Wisconsin
2 Ohio State
3 Penn State
4 Michigan State
5 Michigan
6 Northwestern
7 Maryland
8 Nebraska
9 Iowa
10 Purdue
11 Minnesota
12 Indiana
13 Rutgers
14 Illinois

The Big Ten overall did not look pretty in Week 1. Wisconsin had the best performance which is why I have them #1. Obviously Michigan had many problems with Notre Dame which dropped them to 5th which may be generous. In terms of Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan State I saw many defensive question marks for each team and specifically Penn State and Michigan State were lucky to escape their week 1 games with victories.

PAC 12

1 Stanford
2 Washington
4 Oregon
5 Colorado
7 Arizona
8 Cal
10 Utah
11 Wash State
12 Oregon State

I had high hopes for Arizona and those hopes are gone already. I struggled putting Stanford at 1 because Washington could easily still be the best team in the conference after their tough loss to Auburn. However, the PAC 12 will be more clear after this week after Stanford and USC meet.


1 Alabama
1 Georgia
3 Auburn
5 Miss State
6 South Carolina
7 Florida
8 Texas A&M
9 Ole Miss
10 Missouri
11 Vandy
12 Kentucky
13 Arkansas
14 Tennessee

I honestly cannot decide who I believe is the best team in not just the SEC, but in the country between Alabama and Georgia. I currently have them tied for first in the conference even though Alabama looked unstoppable against Louisville. Auburn is also right there and I think Auburn has what it takes to beat both teams, so I am super excited for the SEC this year and my excitement grew after Week 1.

New Years Six

1 Boise State
3 Fresno State
4 North Texas
5 App State
6 Marshall
8 Utah State
9 Arkansas State
10 Hawaii

Boise State and UCF look great, and FAU looked like the complete opposite team that I projected. App State and Utah State both almost pulled major upsets over top Big Ten Eat teams to jump into the New Years Six top ten and Hawaii entered looking very impressive themselves. Then, I have Fresno State, North Texas, Marshall, and Arkansas State in the top ten waiting for their shot!