The NFL season’s first Sunday is tomorrow which means the fantasy season is in full force starting tomorrow. Throughout the season, each week there will be a primetime match-up featuring either a rivalry or interesting match-up.

Here is the official season long Primetime Match-Up schedule (subject to change)

With the first Primetime Match-Up of the Northwood Fantasy Senior SZN, freshman roommates Garrett Evert and Mason Fuerst take on each-other in an important divisional dual.

Rest of the Season Primetime Macth-Up Schedule (flex means decided the week of)

Week 2- Flex (OCF Division)

Week 3- Flex (NCF Division)

Week 4- Garrett vs Brendan

Week 5- Natalie vs Vince (I cannot lose to a girl)

Week 6- Flex

Week 7- Flex

Week 8- Zach vs Vince (1st time ever playing)

Week 9- Zach vs Natalie (Relationship Rivalry)

Week 10- Flex

Week 11- Flex

Week 12- Flex

Week 13- Flex