Each Week I will be posting my power rankings for the Power 5 schools and my top 10 New Years Six teams every Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be the starting point for the College Football season until the playoff race heats up and within each power ranking I will highlight a few teams in each conference.


1 Clemson
2 Vtech
3 Miami
4 BC
5 Duke
6 Syracuse
7 NC State
8 Virginia
9 Pitt
10 Wake
11 Florida State
12 Louisville
13 Gtech
14 UNC

Boston College, Duke, and Syracuse are all interesting teams and they are all on fire to start the season, so it will be interesting to watch these teams to see how much noise they can really make in the ACC. The one team that we have not seen much from is NC State because their game with West V was cancelled. The Wolf Pack have a ton of talent and I am waiting to see what they are capable of this season.

Big 12 

1 Oklahoma
2 West V
3 Oklahoma State
5 Iowa State
6 Texas Tech
7 Texas
8 Baylor
9 Kansas
10 Kansas State

Oklahoma State earned the third spot with a win over Boise State and TCU dropped with their loss to Ohio State. The Horned Frogs may have fell to Ohio State, but I feel they are  a heavy challenger in the Big 12 along with the Cowboys, so if I was Oklahoma and West Virginia I would be on high alert.

Big Ten 

1 Ohio State
2 Penn State
3 Michigan
4 Michigan State
5 Wisconsin
6 Iowa
7 Minnesota
8 Indiana
9 Nebraska
10 Maryland
11 Northwestern
12 Purdue
13 Rutgers
14 Illinois

We had quite the shake up in the Big Ten this week as Wisconsin was upset by BYU. I was high on Wisconsin, but they disappointed in their loss and now the game this week with Iowa is even more important and it could decide the Big Ten West. Nebraska fell to Troy without starting quarterback Adrian Martinez and Maryland once again ruined the excitement they had behind them losing to Temple. Also, look out for Minnesota and Indiana who are flying under the radar at 3-0.

PAC 12

1 Stanford
2 Washington
3 Oregon
4 Colorado
6 Cal
7 Utah
9 Arizona
10 Wash State
12 Oregon State

USC is heading in the wrong direction and this week we will find out what Oregon is made of as they welcome Stanford and College Game Day to their campus for a huge game. Arizona State felt the power of PAC 12 bully San Diego State receiving an upset from the Aztecs a week after they upset Michigan State.


1 Alabama
2 Georgia
4 Auburn
5 Miss State
6 Texas A&M
7 Kentucky
8 South Carolina
9 Missouri
10 Florida
11 Ole Miss
12 Vandy
13 Tennessee
14 Arkansas

LSU > Auburn, and that last second field goal that lifted LSU over Auburn changes the whole look of the SEC. Alabama and Georgia are still on top, but LSU flexed their muscles and Auburn now has a tough climb ahead of them.

New Years Six 

2 Boise State
3 North Texas
4 App State
5 Utah State
6 Fresno State
7 Marshall
10 Houston

Boise State was not able defeat Oklahoma State, but they are still well alive in the New Years Six race. Florida Atlantic will get there final opportunity this week in New Years Six talks as they take on UCF in game that will prove their worth.