Each Week I will be posting my power rankings for the Power 5 schools and my top 10 New Years Six teams every Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be the starting point for the College Football season until the playoff race heats up and within each power ranking I will highlight a few teams in each conference.


1 Clemson
2 Miami
3 Duke
4 Vtech
5 NC State
6 Syracuse
7 BC
8 Virginia
9 Wake
10 Florida State
11 Gtech
12 Louisville
13 UNC
14 Pitt

Right now looking at this conference, it is hard for me to pick someone to beat Clemson. Virginia Tech was the only team on my mind, but they received a horrific upset from Old Dominion and lost their star QB Josh Jackson. Duke enters the AP poll this week, but I don’t see them anywhere near Clemson’s skill level and I am not sure if Miami will ever bounce back from their week 1 loss to LSU enough to pose a threat to the defending ACC champs. Then there is NC State who we still don’t know much about this season until they play a meaningful game.

Big 12

1 Oklahoma
2 West V
3 Oklahoma State
4 Texas
6 Texas Tech
7 Iowa State
8 Baylor
9 Kansas State
10 Kansas

Not much has changed since last week in the Big 12 and I still think this conference will come down to Oklahoma vs West Virginia.

Big Ten 

1 Ohio State
2 Penn State
3 Michigan
4 Michigan State
5 Wisconsin
6 Maryland
7 Iowa
8 Indiana
9 Minnesota
10 Purdue
11 Nebraska
12 Northwestern
13 Illinois
14 Rutgers

Wisconsin bounces back and gets back on their feet winning a crucial Big Ten West game against Iowa. Ohio State and Penn State face off this week in a game that will change everything for the Big Ten. Experts are saying the winner of this game will win the Big Ten title, and I can see where they are coming from, but Michigan and Michigan State are still looming and Michigan is looking improved.

PAC 12

1 Stanford
2 Washington
3 Oregon
4 Colorado
5 Cal
6 Utah
9 Arizona
10 Wash State
12 Oregon State

The PAC 12 interests me more and more every week. Oregon fumbled while attempting to run the clock out allowing Stanford to beat them in overtime. Oregon was a first down away from arguably becoming the best team in the conference, but Stanford remains on top with Washington right behind them. Oregon will get their shot again when they play Washington later in the year in a game that will decide their season after one fumble set them back.


1 Alabama
2 Georgia
4 Auburn
5 Kentucky
6 Miss State
7 Texas A&M
8 South Car
9 Florida
10 Ole Miss
11 Vandy
12 Missouri
13 Tennessee
14 Arkansas

Lookout for Kentucky! The Wildcats have officially upset two top 25 teams in conference (Florida and Miss State) to join the AP Top 25 themselves. It is a great day to be a Kentucky fan, but looking at the conference I think they top 4 teams are on an island by themselves and they are untouchable as of now.

New Years Six

2 Boise State
3 North Texas
4 App State
5 Utah State
7 San Diego State
8 Fresno State
9 Houston
10 Troy

Conference play is starting up and the race is heating up as UCF remains on top with a dominant win to send FAU out of the New Years Six Top 10. Boise State, North Texas, and App State follow and they are all favorites to win their respective conference as of now. USF and Houston look to dethrone UCF in the AAC, Utah State, San Diego State and Fresno State will challenge Boise State in the Mountain West, and Troy joins the Top 10 as they will attempt to slow down APP state in the Sun Belt. The MAC is the only conference that does not have a team in the Top 10 this week, but Buffalo looks strong and they would have to finish undefeated in my opinion to be considered in the New Years Six Race.