Week 7 is a wrap and the 322 division teams struggled in the primetime match-ups between the 4-2 teams of the league. Mason fell to Natalie and Garrett fell to Vince which caused a three-way tie in the 322 division.

League standings after Week 7


Mason 4-3

Garrett 4-3

Zach 4-3

Will 1-6


Vince 5-2

Damian 3-4

Dave 2-5

Taylor 2-5


Natalie 5-2

Brendan 4-3

Jay 4-3

Austin 4-3

Week 8 Primetime Matchup

Zach vs Vince

The primetime matchup this week speaks for itself, Zach is on a hot streak coming out of the depths of the league, and Vince is wielding a very consistent team. This is the first time the two have faced in the history of Northwood Fantasy, so this week’s primetime matchup is very important and unique.