After a slow week in College Football I wanted to post my second CFP article detailing what teams have left on their schedule and the “what ifs” remaining this season.

My College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Alabama- Dominant so far and the only thing standing in their way now is the SEC Championship with rival Auburn underperforming. However, anything can happen in a rivalry especially the Iron Bowl. So, What If Bama loses one game?
  2. Clemson- Easiest road to the playoff in my opinion. The ACC Championship should not pose a threat as it will be either Pitt or Virginia.
  3. Notre Dame- All the Fighting Irish have to do is not slip up to find a spot in the CFP. Notre Dame’s last major test comes this week in Yankee Stadium vs Syracuse. So, What If Notre Dame slips up?
  4. Michigan- The Big Game with Ohio State maybe the ticket to the College Football Playoff for the Wolverines as long as they don’t slip up against Indiana who is always a challenge. They would then play Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship, a team who they had to come back to beat already this season.
  5. Georgia- Georgia has sealed the deal in the SEC East and it is looking like a National Championship rematch with Alabama will be the game they will need to win to get into the Playoff.
  6. Ohio State- The Buckeyes were the first playoff contender to slip up with their loss to Purdue, but Ohio State stills has a chance. They would have to beat a hot Michigan team to reach the Big Ten Championship and maybe the playoff. So, What If the Buckeyes take down the Wolverines AGAIN?
  7. UCF- WIN Out
  8. LSU- LSU may be the only team with 2-losses right now that may have a slim chance, but they will need many dominoes to fall for them to get in.

Big 12

Looking at the Big 12 it seems like the conference will eliminate each other from the playoff. Oklahoma and West Virginia have one loss already and Texas is sitting at two losses. Right now, it is looking like Oklahoma and West Virginia will play each other twice once in the last week of the season and in the Big 12 Championship. I am predicting that West Virginia will beat Oklahoma at home and Oklahoma will turn around and beat West Virginia to win the Big 12 Championship. This would leave all teams in the Big 12 with more than just one loss. Texas and Iowa State are still some-what in the picture but they have tough schedules to finish the year and they play each-other. With all that being said, if a team comes out of the Big 12 with one loss I still believe that it will be tough for the playoff committee to put that team in the Playoff.

PAC 12

The PAC 12 only has one team left that has only lost once, so the chance of seeing a PAC 12 team in the playoff is diminishing. It would be interesting to see Washington State win out, but it is highly unlikely in my opinion. If Wazzou did win out they would still need teams to fall to make room for them in the playoff.

The What If’s

What if Bama loses one game? I believe that if the Crimson Tide lost to Georgia and not Auburn, either Michigan or Notre Dame would be forced out of the playoff to have Georgia and Bama both in the playoff once again. I have heard arguments that Notre Dame would stay in over Michigan because of head to head, but I have also heard that Michigan could make an argument if they stay hot and Notre Dame continues to barely beat teams.

What if Notre Dame slips up? If Notre Dame slips up I believe they are easily out of the playoff because they would have no conference championship in their back pocket. This would open the door for Georgia or a rare one loss team from the Big 12 or PAC 12. However, this could be UCF’s chance to finally get Bama if they win out. If Notre Dame slips up, Georgia loses to Bama, and there is no one loss team from the Big 12 or PAC 12 give me an undefeated UCF over a two-loss LSU team.

What if the Buckeyes beat the Wolverines AGAIN? Ohio State should jump back into the playoff picture, but the loss to Purdue may come back to bite them and leave them out depending on other teams.