We have entered the crucial divisional games with three games remaining until playoffs. If your team does not perform from here on out you are at a serious risk of not making the playoffs. Currently in the league we have the average 322 division that is up for grabs, the below average OCF division which has been dominated by Vince, and the above average OCF division that could send three teams to the playoffs.

League standings after Week 10


Mason 6-4

Zach 5-5

Garrett 4-6

Will 4-6


Vince 8-2

Damian 5-5

Taylor 3-7

Dave 2-8


Natalie 7-3

Jay 6-4

Brendan 5-5

Austin 5-5

Week 11 Primetime Matchup

Austin vs Brendan

This game could be the difference between competing in the playoffs or playing in the toilet bowl bracket. Both teams are 5-5 and have lost 2 straight, so losing three straight and having to play Natalie and Jay is the recipe for missing the playoffs.