Throughout the season, we will be posting our College Basketball Seed List to keep you up to date on the teams projected to make it to the big dance and what seed they would be.

Also included is a look at the teams on the Bubble of getting into the NCAA Tournament. The Last 4 In are the last 4 teams to get into the field and The First 4 Out/Next 4 Out gives the eight teams that barely missed the cut. A unique thing we are doing with our Bubble this season is giving a list of potential bid stealers. Bid stealers are teams who win their conference tournaments at the end of the year over teams who are projected as a tournament team rather they win or lose their conference tournament. For Example, BYU beats Gonzaga and they both get in, which drops the last bubble team out of the NCAA Tournament.

College Basketball Seed List

1 seeds

Kansas, Tennessee, Duke, Michigan

2 seeds

Nevada, Virginia, UNC, Gonzaga

3 seeds

Florida State, Michigan State, VTech, Texas Tech

4 seeds

Auburn, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Wisconsin

5 seeds 

Buffalo, Maryland, Houston, St Johns

6 seeds

Kentucky, Marquette, Iowa, Oklahoma

7 seeds

Nebraska, NC State, Indiana, Kansas State

8 seeds

Texas, Arizona State, Cincy, Louisville

9 seeds

Iowa State, Temple, Seton Hall, Purdue

10 seeds

Villanova, TCU, Clemson, Butler

11 seeds

Furman, Creighton, Syracuse/Oregon, LSU/Arizona

12 seeds

Belmont, Penn, Davidson, Lipscomb

13 seeds

San Fran, Hofstra, New Mexico State, UC Irvine

14 seeds

Vermont, Georgia Southern, North Texas, Montana

15 seeds

South Dakota State, Radford, Drake, Northern Kentucky

16 seeds

Lehigh, Rider, St Francis NY/Abilene Christian, Grambling/Howard


Last 4 In

Syracuse, Oregon, LSU, Arizona

First 4 Out

UConn, Minnesota, Washington, UCF

Next 4 Out 

Wofford, ND, Tulsa, UCLA

Potential Bid Stealers

San Diego, San Fran, Fresno State, Toledo, Wofford, Murray State